We embody the theory of small deeds

We begin to change the world starting with ourselves. We do it for you and for us, but more importantly for your and our children.

of nature

The best thing we can do for the environment is to reduce the amount of materials used and compensate for the damage that any production inevitably causes to nature.

We strive to reduce the amount of packaging: we use thinner polyethylene and recycled plastic — our bottles consist of 15% recycled materials.

We plant trees to compensate for the carbon footprint.

We live on this planet and help it flourish.
— 20%
we will have used it by 2023
1,7 hа
we planted it to compensate for the damage from production

Smart production allows us to spend less resources needed to manufacture our products

Technologically advanced production

Caring for others

We help children in difficult life circumstances. For example, we send diapers for the wards of the April Charity Foundation.

With love for animals

We have pets, and we also take care of wild animals and support the World Wildlife Fund.

Andrey became a Guardian of the Earth, and Natalia adopted a kalan — this is a sea otter that lives on the Kuril Islands. In recent years, their population have been declining catastrophically, that's why the foundation is raising funds to preserve the sea otter population.

Results of our work

We support wildlife conservation projects
We support wildlife conservation projects
We help to save rare species of animals inhabiting our planet
We help children in difficult circumstances
If you have a desire to help or you know places where our help is needed, you can email us and propose your ideas.

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